Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wild Thing

My friend and customer recently posted on her blog Cheek2CheekDesigns an awesome tutorial on stamping on fabric.  I fell in love!  She tried washing and recommended that you just use the stamps to stamp on fabric and then frame them.  Check out her awesome tutorial and wonderful results!

I was intrigued.  So I decided to try it myself on a wearable object using Staz On Ink.  On the ink pad it says to use this ink on glass, metal, glossy finishes (such as photos) and more.  It says "Not Recommended for Fabric".  Well I am usually a rule follower but this time I decided to try it out for myself.

So using the You're Great Stamp Set shown here

I stamped the Lion Image First.  Now the one down side is that Staz On Ink only comes in Black or Brown. But I was thinking I could always use it as an outline and either stitch around it or color it in with fabric markers.  Something else to try.  Stay tuned and I'll update you on what I decide to do.

Now here you can see how the clear stamps and clear blocks make it super easy to see just where you want to stamp.  I did follow Laura's suggestion and used it directly on my table instead of putting felt between the table and the fabric.  I think it turned out GREAT!  One thing to remember with Staz On is that you have to use the cleaner directly on the stamp and then dry the stamp with a paper towel.  This cleaner is different than the regular stamp cleaner.  Also it will stain your stamps black but you can still use them with any ink color for other projects.

The Lion.  So Cute!
 Now the real test.  Will it wash?  Well I put it in the washer with a load of my laundry.  In hindsight I probably should have washed it separately in case it did not work and would have stained all my other clothing black.  Note to self: don't experiment with a load of newer clothes - Oh well.  The good news is that it worked!  It washed fine with no bleeding on the fabric or onto other clothing!

After being washed and with the Title underneath.  You can see how I have started stitching the tuft at the end of the tail with yellow thread.  I think I'm just going to finish the tail and then color the rest with fabric markers.  

The full onesie.  Sorry about the glare in the picture.  Not sure what happened.  

So it does work with Staz On Ink.  Try stamping some fabric today or even something glass or metal.  I'm going to try some other objects myself because this turned out so well!  Have fun!

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