Monday, July 4, 2011

Make it MONDAY #1

I've been reading blogs for a while now and I've noticed that most people have some sort of organization to their posts (who would have thought?).  They even come up with cute titles like Mojo Monday and Tutorial Tuesday.  I can not be so organized that you will know what type of post I will put up by what day it is but I can try to do something themed for one day.  I think?!  I'll try.  So here is it.  Crafting with my kids and I'll post our crafts, tutorials, links, etc on Mondays and since we all need a little encouragement to start our week we'll call it Make it Monday!  Cute right?  Ok, well thanks for humoring me.  Here we go.

I had my niece and nephew with me last week so I tried to come up with somethings to entertain all the kids and not drive myself insane!  We had a movie and popcorn night, we played with water guns and the hose in the back yard, they played with Legos and trains.  Together we went cherry picking, made a cherry pie and homemade peach frozen yogurt (more on that later) and we did some paper crafting.

I love Family Fun and found these curly birds on their website.

Now, being the perfectionist that I am, I was slightly disappointed that ours did not look like the picture but we still had fun and they did turn out cute.  This was a challenge for me - to create with all four kids and not interfere to make the craft look the way I wanted it to look.  Try and make something with your kids today - I'd love to see your creations!

My oldest explaining how his bird talks

Petting his bird

My "silly boy" getting ready to crash his bird into his hand

Showing off the bird & using it like binoculars

My youngest sitting on her daddy and playing with her brother's curly bird

My niece - really she was happy about the bird she just had a hard time smiling for the camera

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