Monday, July 18, 2011

Make It Monday (#3)

So before I start with the project for you today I wanted to share that I am also keeping a gratitude journal inspired by Ann VosKamp and her book One Thousand Gifts.  She also has a blog that I love, am inspired by and encouraged daily in my walk with God, my role as wife and my work of raising little ones to know, love and respect God, others and the world around them.  She encourages people to count and share their lists so on my "Make it Mondays" I'm not only going to share a project with you all but the reasons that truly make my Monday and every day worth living!  Look for my list at the end of this post and then head over to Ann's blog to see her list and many others.  Won't you join us in praising our Creator for his gifts (those we perceive as good and those we perceive as bad because all come into our lives filtered through the loving hands that bear the mark of sacrifice!).

So for our project today.  I was looking around at different blogs (I know you are all so surprised) and discovered this one which is new to me V and Co.  Now my kids are too young to actually do this craft but they watched me with intent interest as I made one for myself.  What happened next is why I think this qualifies for Make it Monday!  They each wanted their own and then I made my daughter a headband using the same technique.  Here are my photos and tutorial.  For a more detailed tutorial check out V and Co. blog link above.  Happy Crafting!  Oh and for my favorite teen girls who follow this blog I think you might enjoy making these for yourselves - super fun and comfortable.  Then again I've never claimed to be in on the latest fashion (don't you dare come to this blog looking for advice on make up, hairstyles, fashion, shoes, etc.  -  if I get a shower and changed out of my pj's I call it a good day) so I could be completely wrong on this and these may be the worst thing after fanny packs.

Take an old T-shirt.  Funny story about this one (ALERT - if not interested in a bunny trail just move along to the next photo).  When I was pregnant with my youngest I had the strangest cravings for citrus.  I would go through a box of clementines in two or three days.  But it wasn't just the taste I craved it was the smell.  I would boil water with clementine peels in it on my stove.  My husband would come home from work and I'd be smelling the peels.  Along with this unusual craving I wanted to smell Vicks Vapor Rub all the time.  I would put it all over myself.  Did you know that Vicks Vapor Rub stains clothing when you layer it on your skin?  Well that is what happened to this shirt pictured above.  So now I am using it to make this project.  The End.    

Back to the project . . . cut the shirt or fabric into 1" strips (tutorial on the blog says 1" by 52" or something like that - I just guessed)

See the tutorial in the blog linked above for how to attach the strips to each other.  You will need two or three strips.
Weave the strips around your fingers, then make a larger loop over both fingers and pull the loops over each finger like the bottom picture.  

Sorry Mom I don't own nail polish remover.  The polish is slowly chipping away.
This tutorial is very sparse I am realizing I am missing a lot of pictures for the steps so please check out the blog link above for a more detailed tutorial.

The finished project - headband for my daughter

The bracelet.

Bracelet on her.

We had two friends over for the day and each person wanted their own bracelet.  Here are all the kids showing off their bracelets.  I really think once you get going with this it would be a great project to do with older kids.  Have fun together - and Make this Monday count.

Making my Monday Count For Greater Things
834.  The sunshine through my windows
835.  My precious children, Little One's smile
836.  Early morning hours-quiet-time with my Creator
837.  A house to live in, large enough to entertain
838.  Dishes piled high in the sink-shouting out to me that we have enough to eat and people who share food and fellowship with us
839.  My Faithful God who remains Faithful even when I am not
840.  Forgiveness in Christ and Encouragement through Him to continue on after I have fallen and failed yet again-He carries me
841.  My encourager, my laughter, my love - My Preacher Man - who holds my hand, father's our children and teaches me what it means to follow Jesus


  1. love your craft ideas! you may like Jones Design Blog and her free download pribtables at

    1. Thanks so much for the blog - always looking for more craft ideas and free is great :)

  2. Cute DIY, great work!



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