Thursday, July 7, 2011


Colour Q a weekly challenge using COLOR! 
One of the many reasons I am thankful for blogs and the Internet is the ton of material and inspiration at my fingertips.  As I have been reading a wide variety of blogs lately (ones on marriage, parenting, crafting, cooking, homeschooling, etc.) I was struck by the fact that so many bloggers don't really come up with their own ideas.  Many of them use ideas from others and then change some things here and there to make it their own.  So many people use other blogs to inspire and encourage!  That being said, and I do hope that this blog is encouraging, inspiring and interesting to you, I'm going to share some great blogs for scrapbooking and card making that I glean my inspiration from.

Sketchy Thursdays

Heart to Heart Challenge

Card sketches  (use these to make cards, decorate gift bags or boxes, or even make them bigger for a scrapbook page)
Just Us Girls (a different type of challenge each week)
A fun place for challenges
A great challenge site to do with young children helping them with their letters
Cupcake Challenge (I've not actually tried this one yet but it looked fun and who isn't inspired by food?)
And the final inspiration for today . . .

Sweet Sunday Sketch (great for cards but I think they are simple and since I love love love simple scrapbooking believe that these sketches can be adapted for layouts too) 
There are so very many challenge blogs out there.  Even if you don't enter in and actually post a photo of your layout or card these provide great inspiration.  I find that my crafting goes in seasons.  I will go months (gasp) without doing a thing and then craft all day for weeks at a time!  This drives my sweet husband insane as the house is covered in crafting pieces as I write (I am currently in a craft every moment phase) but he is riding out this wave praying for a "dry spell" to come.  When the spell does come I'm going to read this post and give myself a kick in the pants with some of these blogs!  Happy reading - now go explore and create something! 

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