Monday, July 25, 2011

Make it MONDAY #4

Good Monday morning to you all!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  As you read this my family is heading to Harvey Cedars Bible Conference with a group of youth from our church for our youth camp week!  Please pray for us!  So what can you do while we are traveling?  How about make project with your kids?

Also I was searching the web and found a bunch of "Make it Monday" blog sights but did not seem to see any with projects for you and your kids so I'm keeping our Make it Mondays.  I'm playing around with some other titles . . . Ohh how about Make it a Magnificent Monday?  I'll think on that one.  Now on to our project for today.  Paper Plate Frisbee.  I got this one from Make and Take blog.       

First you need 2 paper (or Styrofoam) plates for each Frisbee.  Then you cut out a large circle from each plate.  I have done this for two in the photo above and still need to do the two plates at the bottom of the photo.

Instead of having the boys color our plates (since we did not have paper plates) we cut out pictures we likes from a magazine.  I used the clear packing tape to cover the plates on top side and then they stuck their pictures to the tape on the bottom side of the plate (bottom and top are referring to the way you would set a plate on the table to eat off of it).  We also cut out letters to spell their names (sneak in some education here . . . wink, wink).  The photo above is the finished project.  **Note: Remember a previous post about me not being a fashion expert?  Well my oldest son's outfit proves that he got his sense of fashion from me and not his father.  He dresses himself every morning.  I hate these shorts but he loves loves loves them.  Oh and of course because it is summer and a gloriously stifling 98 degrees outside he is wearing long sleeves.  No worries people, in the middle of winter he will be in shorts and a tank top!**

Now it is time to head outside and try these babies out!  First in the yard - they work pretty well!

Now from the play house deck.  

She loves to watch her brothers play.  

My oldest demonstrates how it is done.  

Watching the frisbee.

Now she is no longer content to just watch.  She wants to try it out herself!

There is goes!  They worked surprisingly well and the kids loved them!  Have fun with this and then head over to and check out all the other fun projects they have under their Summer Camp section.  

May you find this Monday a marvelous one with your family.  As a close I'm counting some more of my reasons for living.  

972.  The playhouse, swingset, large yard and the imagination of my children.  
973.  Daily phone calls from my mother - love, relationships, and the ability to talk though miles away
974.  Lessons taught using the WORD of God - letter recognition in Scripture verses
975.  All my craft supplies, the inspiration to do them, the creativity and fun I have
976.  Scrapbooking with friends and family
977.  "Mom I am so glad you are my teacher" - My oldest - My leader boy
978.  The excitement from my children to learn, it is contagious 

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