Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank you (paper flowers)

Alright so I found this paper flower tutorial yesterday and have been making flowers every since!  I am having so much fun trying out different flowers, colors, inks, etc.  So for the Colour Q challenge this week I used this color pallet

 and Sweet Sunday Sketch

And made paper flowers so I'm linking with Today's Creative Blog and must give credit where credit is due so you can view all the wonderful video tutorials here at Connie's Blog.

We are going to make Blackeyed Susans.  Here goes:
Take two square of colored paper each the same size (your flower will be the size of your square)
and fold it in half to make a triangle

then fold your triangle in half again but don't make a hard fold just pinch at the base to find the center

From the center fold one half down and then the other half behind  to make a smaller triangle

Cut out to make a petal shape

Do the same thing with the other square
Unfold and there is your flower but it gets better . . . 

Using the ink color of your choice, ink the petals and then ink the center of the flower

After inking the flowers layer one on top of the other and use a rounded handle or pencil or pen to
give your flower dimension.  Set your flower (or flowers if making multiple ones) aside and you are ready to make the center . . .
Take a one inch strip of paper about eight inches long (here I used a slightly narrower strip - I think 3/4 inches)
and fold it in half (you can see the fold mark on the paper in the photo above (ignore my ink stained nails - gosh if  it is not the chipped nail polish then it is ink stained nails - I can't win!)

Take a scissors and make cuts starting at the fold and in to the  not folded edge (not sure what to call that).  Be very careful not the cut it all the way or you will end up with a ton of tiny strips of paper and no center for your flower
Do this across the entire strip and then take one end and begin to roll up the paper.  Glue at the end so you have a round flower with lots of little flower petals.  When the glue is dry spread out the petals.
I'm sorry there is no picture of me cutting the paper - I tried - do you know how difficult it is to take a picture while cutting?  I would not recommend this!

Your finished flowers
Now for this card I also used one of my flowers as a mask to make my own background paper . . .

And the final card

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  1. Beautiful card, Elizabeth! I love your Blackeyed Susan's. Thanks for joining us at the colourQ this week.


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