Monday, July 11, 2011

Make it MONDAY #2

Yay!  I have a second themed post.  I haven't messed up this organization yet.  Here is week two on making it Monday with your kids.  Everyone has a utensil drawer in their kitchen filled to the brim right?  Do you even use half of those things?  I know I don't.  Even if you don't have tons extra, these are some things you can find for pretty cheep at a second hand store or garage sale.  So get yourself a metal strainer, some fishing line (or string, yarn, ribbon, etc.), beads (optional), and kitchen utensils (like a metal whisk, vegetable peeler, slotted spoon, etc.).  We are going to make a funky wind chime!
 Here is the link and photo of what Family Fun's wind chime looks like.  

I let the kids do some of the stringing of beads (they had a lot of fun with this and it is an excellent way to help them develop their fine motor skills without them realizing they are actually learning and developing something!). 

The strainer started to get really heavy so I balanced it between two chairs and we kept on working.
When we were finished we headed outside.  The kids and I put up the wind chime in the tree in the back yard.  More accurately I put up the wind chime, the kids talked with the neighbor and played on the play set - lazy kids!  Just kidding, it was actually helpful that they were playing and not trying to "help me" by getting in the way while I hung up the chime.

My dear husband's response?  It is going to take a massive wind to move that thing!  Thanks for the encouragement and support dear - lol!  It is pretty heavy with all that metal, it may never make a sound but it does look nice and kept my kids busy for a morning!  I'd love to see yours if you make one.  Comment below and leave a link to your photo or blog.  May God make this Monday a blessed memory for you and your children.  

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