Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hands on Play - Day 9

Play with water . . . 

We put water into two different bins and added some color.  Then we did some experiments to see what would float and what would sink.  We concluded that the "heavier" the object the less likely it would float.  We were trying to come up with ideas of boats for our lego men :)  Then we floated out lego men and had water battles (lego man against lego man)!

The boys lost interest after about 15 minutes but my daughter was in heaven.  So I got some straws out and we made bubbles in the water.  We also "washed" her play dishes and of course she splashed and flooded my kitchen :)

She did get very very very very wet!  But its just water and water dries :)

Sorry for the late post on this - I'm having trouble keeping up with everything.  See you tomorrow - then a break from the play posts until Monday.  Over the weekend I have two projects to share with you from different blog  hops!  Have a great day!! 

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  1. Here's what we've been up to the last couple of days:

    Oh, I promise I was planning on making pudding yesterday before I even saw your post! :)


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