Monday, January 9, 2012

Hands on Play - Day 6

Welcome to day 6 (and our second week) of our Hands On Play Challenge! If you are just joining us won't you take a look at the original post here.  We are challenging ourselves to be more purposeful mothers and get a better understanding of our children through {at least} 15 minutes of {uninterupted} play!

So Today it is "Play Islands"

We took the couch cushions off and the children pretended that the floor was "hot lava" like in some of their favorite wii games and they had to get from one end of the room to the other without getting burned.  

Then we pretended they were "islands" between deep water and they practiced swimming strokes when they fell off the cushions :)

Finally they pretended to be frogs on Lily Pads.  (*note - I did not direct any of their play this time which was really neat to see them come up with these ideas all on their own!)

Of course the oldest one usually directed the play and it was neat to see how my youngest just kind of followed along doing what her brothers were doing :)  And no activity in this house would be complete unless the boys jumped onto one another "accidentally" and wrestled.

I am having fun through this challenge - I hope you are too!  Thanks for sharing your take on these play times I am really enjoying seeing all the creativity from you :)  

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Elizabeth Mindemann

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  1. Ha ha! LOVE IT! "Couch Cushions" is one of our favorite games, and it can last for at least an hour. :) Volcanoes and ocean water are often the themes in my house too. Super fun - thanks so much for sharing! :)


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