Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hands On Play Challenge - Day 8

Well I was certainly not thinking straight when I started my first online card class in the middle of this play challenge!  I'm going crazy trying to keep up with all my posts - note to self - in the future one challenge at a time :)

Kitchen "Play" 
Today was spontanious from my daughter.  I had originally had a different activity planned but she changed my mind - another thing I'm not good at but am learning - flexibility.

In the mornings she often gets herself into her chair to tell us that she is hungry (she is in speech therapy because she really doesn't say a whole lot with words - then again why talk when you can communicate VERY clearly in other ways :) )  This morning she got sugar, two boxes of pudding and marshmellows out of the pantry and took it all to the table and then put herself into her chair.  So since I had never made cook and serve pudding before and had a box on the table the kids and I made cook and serve pudding for breakfast :)

We also had cereal and fruit less I get yelled at for not feeding my children properly :) 
Have a great day!  See you tomorrow!!
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Elizabeth Mindemann
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  1. I love these posts Elizabeth! Think of the memory you created this morning - your babies will NEVER forget the day they made pudding for breakfast. :) Such fun!



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