Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hands On Play Challenge - Day 5

Do you like my new blog look?  I am thrilled that Kim from Seven Thirty Three blog designed such a beautiful blog for me!  I asked for something rustic and simple as well as something that would tie in the broken treasures theme.  She added the mosaic tiles for broken treasures and I think the whole thing came together quite nicely!  Thanks so much Kim!!  

Now for today's challenge is "family time"
You can spend time in any way you want together as a family.  It only has to be 15 minutes but it can be longer if you are having fun :)

I'm so excited that my children are getting old enough to start playing some games together.  This time we chose UNO.

My daughter won - with some help from all of us.  It was very funny.  At first she was thrilled to put cards on the pile in the table just like everyone else . . .

Then she realized she was starting to get low on cards and this became unacceptable . . .

Finally she won and after this look threw a royal fit in her chair!  Sometimes doing this challenge is not always what I expect it will be - actually most times it is not - but I'm not going to give up!

Be encouraged if you are experiencing some disappointment with this so am I.  I told my husband that it would be so much easier to do this if I did not have any children - lol ;)  Even with one I would find this easier to do but with three (and God bless you if you are doing this challenge with even more) I am really struggling.  We are having fun and my son woke up this morning and said "Hey Mom, what do you have for us to do today?"  That is a "win" in my book :) 
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Elizabeth Mindemann


  1. I'm a little behind but we'll get there! Here's the link to the challenge
    I love the green in your new blog design!

  2. Here's my post on days 4 and 5.


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