Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hands On Play Challenge - Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the 30 Days to Hands on Play challenge (all information for this month's challenge has been inspired by Hands On As We Grow).  I've changed a few things here and there but the idea came directly from her amazing blog!

What is the 30 Days to Hands on Play?

  • A 30 day challenge to inspire you to play [at least] 15 minutes a day [no interruptions] with your kids
  • To help you (mostly me) get to know the individuality of each of your children 
  • To introduce new play ideas to you and your kids
  • To get involved with your children
  • To have fun (while interacting with your daily activities and with your kids)
  • This one is unique for me - to become creative in my own way while inspiring my children to become creative in theirs
How will the Challenge Work?

  • I will introduce a new play idea each day for 30 days & try to post pictures of my own kids playing with these new ideas - meant to be simple and use what you have on hand
  • I will show you ways in which I have been creative through [mostly] paper taking the form of card making, scrapbooking, digital (with Studio J), and other means of paper crafting
  • I will show you ways in which my kids have been creative through their own artistic forms (whatever I learn about them through this challenge)
  • I invite you to join my family and post your own photos on your blog or facebook or however you want to share them - please feel free to comment with links here - I would love to see what you are doing and how you have creatively interpreted each day of the challenge
What Do I (emphasize on me but you can fill in your own name here as well) wish to accomplish with this challenge?
  • Learn to play with my kids
  • Learn more about each individual child - their dreams, likes, dislikes, personalities, creativity etc.
  • Laugh and have fun with my children
  • Be reminded to be purposeful with my role as a mother and the time I have been given (but more specifically the time I have been given with my kids)
  • To meet new blogging friends along the way - after all we are in this together are we not :)

Day 1
Jot down or take mental note of how you want to become more hands on with your kids.  If you are like me - schedule the time each day so that it happens!  (If I don't schedule it - even with the best intentions - it won't happen).  Be purposeful with your time and think about each child.  I'm also jotting down some things that make each one of my children unique and plan to take some notes of what I learn about them throughout the month.  I will pray each morning that God will show me more about each child - things that will help me be a better mother to that specific child, not just my children in general.

For example . . . 

My mission's statement 
"To learn to let go of my 'to do list' and focus on my children, to have fun and laugh with them, to learn more about each child specifically and uniquely, to become purposeful with my time and to introduce my children to more creative ways of play.  I also hope to make a routine of becoming a better steward of my time and a better mother for my children!"

Individual Child's interests

#1 - minecraft, computer games, Wii games, Nerf guns, Legos, Star Wars, telling stories, books, laughing, being in control, knowing what is going on - leading

#2 - anything #1 likes, things that are funny, very sensitive and passionate, loves to laugh and make others laugh, silly, TRAINS

#3 - dolls, wrestling with her brothers, watching her brothers play video games, Tangled, brushing and "doing" her hair, helping in the kitchen, tooth brushes, stamping (or at least getting into my stamps), anything I am doing :)  

Now it is Your turn - jot down some ideas and share them here or just keep them in your head :)  These will make great notes for any scrapbooks you may do in the future of your children at play :)

Come back tomorrow for our first "hands on" play - simple idea, very easy and uses whatever you have in the house :) 

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  1. I'm in and looking forward to it!


  2. Oh this makes me so happy to see you doing this! I'm just catching it now and going through them :) Seriously. I can't stop smiling!


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