Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hands On Play Challenge - Day 18

Sorry that we missed a day - I have not been feeling well and was rather sick yesterday!  So we'll pick up where we left off.  Today's challenge . . . rough housing.  In my home the boys love to do this but I was trying to think of a way to include my little girl without her getting too badly injured.  She just joined right in - no fear - comes with having two older brothers I suppose.  Anyway, we did a tickle time (pillow fights would work well here too).  

My oldest was too busy tickling me and it is hard to get pictures when you are being tickled :)
Thanks for stopping by!  I am so enjoying your own posts of how you are doing these activities in your own home with your kids.  See you tomorrow :)

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Elizabeth Mindemann
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  1. We got some more play in and I wanted to share with you!

  2. We made up activities for Wednesday and Friday. I hope you are feeling better!


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