Friday, January 20, 2012

Hands on Play Challenge - Day 15

Mega Doodles

I took a large roll of white paper and spread it across our kitchen floor.  The kids and I drew for a while together and then I let them color while my husband and I finished the dishes.  So much creativity :)

My oldest drew a house with a lot of detail and then himself, his daddy and his brother outside.  When my husband asked where I was (and his sister) he said the boys were fighting to protect us - we were in the house making brownies and cookies for them to eat.  It must be instinctive that boys want to protect "their women" - now to be a woman worthy of protection - God help me!  

Have a great day!  
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Elizabeth Mindemann
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  1. that is so sweet-i love your children so much!!

  2. Loved this activity! And what a sweet little boy you have! Here is our last two days:


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