Friday, December 9, 2011

Creating Christmas Day 6

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Welcome back to Creating Christmas with The Girl Creative!  Can you believe we are on Day 6 already?  I know!  I'm a little sad that our time together is almost over but I have so enjoyed the challenge and meeting new blogging friends along the way.

Today I'm going to show you some simple trees I made using Cardstock, cardboard, candle sticks and moss. 

Supplies needed:
Cardstock ($0.22 a sheet), candlestick (free or get them for less than $1 at thrift stores, markets, garage sales or the dollar store), Reindeer moss ($1 a package - used one package for the larger trees, the smaller trees used 1/2 package), glue or adhesive.  Total project ($1.22 for the larger trees, $6.39 for the smaller trees - man oh man is Styrofoam expensive - next time I'll just go with the handmade cones which would have made the smaller trees only $.72 each!)   Ok enough chatter - let's get on with the tutorial . . . 

The picture shows mod podge but I tried it and it really was too difficult
for this project so I just went with a hot glue gun!  
1.  Make your cone out of cardstock and glue.  Measure the base of your cone on cardboard and cut out the circle.  
 2.  Glue the cardboard to the inside of the base of the cone as shown
 3.  Glue the cone base to the top of your wooden candle stick.

 4.  Add hot glue and moss a little at a time, pushing the moss against the cone - be careful not to fry your fingers - don't ask me how I know this can happen :(
 Keep going working your way down the cone
 5.  Display somewhere nice and festive :)
 The two smaller trees shown are done the same way only I used Styrofoam Cones instead of cardstock and no candle base.
 Another view of my dresser in the dinning room (this is where I keep my table linens, paper products and candles).  The Cranberry Floating Candles were from yesterday's post.

Don't forget about the HUGE 25 Days of Christmas Crafting over at Cooking with Cricut!  

I'm hosting one of the giveaways and offering anyone who makes a $25 or more purchase off my website in the month of December a chance to win a FREE Workshop on the go! (check out my facebook page for more details).  Make sure you stop by for all the giveaways, free digi stamps and lots of inspiration for holiday creating throughout the year!  Also this month on my facebook page you can upload photos of your Christmas Creations for a chance to win a FREE stamp set (value of $17.95).  Merry Christmas - lots going on here at Broken Treasures :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment - I read each and every one :)

Elizabeth Mindemann

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