Monday, December 19, 2011

Make It Monday - Homemade Gifts for Kids

A few weeks ago I did a guest posting over at A Quiver Full of Blessings.  Rachel is a "real life" friend and I was excited to be her first guest & 100th post!  She is returning the favor and I'm so excited to have her post for us today.  Won't you stop by her blog sometime and say "hi" :)

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am the author of a blog called Quiver Full of Blessings. I am very excited to do a guest post for my friend Elizabeth today as she did a fabulous guest posting on my blog a few weeks ago. Here's what I plan on showing you how to make:

 Homemade crayons with a Christmas twist! These are so simple to make and it's a great project for little hands to help with. My youngest children were SO excited about these when I made them. They would make a good stocking stuffer or little Christmas party favor, especially tied up in cute packaging. Actually, these are great any time of the year because you can just change the shape of your crayons to fit the season. Want to see how I made them? The directions are extremely easy...
 Take your old, broken crayons and peel all of the labels off. Break them into little chunks. Make sure you have a variety of colors.

Arrange the broken pieces in the cavities of a flexible mold. I purchased an ice cube tray from the Dollar Tree, but you could also use flexible soap or baking molds. Bake at 230 degrees F for 15 minutes. About 10 minutes into baking these, I took a toothpick and pushed the pieces around a bit more. I also added a couple more pieces to the cavities that didn't look full after some melted. You can bake longer than 15 minutes if they don' look ready yet. Pull out of the oven, allow to cool completely, and then pop out of the molds.

Give to a sweet little one and let their creativity soar. Merry Christmas everyone!

Elizabeth Mindemann


  1. HIii Rachel
    Nice post! You have worked hard on jotting down the essential information. Keep sharing the good work in future too.really i like your blog .
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  2. Great post! I had not thought of melting crayons in my molds. :)


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