Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

With Studio J!  

Try your hand at Digital Scrapbooking and Gift Giving with Studio J.  You can {always} try Studio J out for FREE at my website.  Whether you are new to Studio J and digital or an expert why not try your hand at these gift giving ideas this Christmas?  

  • Make one family layout and print multiple copies for everyone. (Time: 15–45 minutes) With Studio J, printing extra copies of a layout is as simple as changing the quantity on the checkout screen. Or, if you prefer, create one layout, then copy it into a new project as many times as you like and customize it for each recipient.
  • Give a Studio J 5-pack along with a Quick Pic™ album. (Time: 5 minutes) Since a 5-pack includes free layouts, free shipping, and free Memory Protectors®, it’s everything they’ll need to create a finished album!
  • Present a loved one with a 3-month Studio J membership. (Time: 5 minutes) A 3-month membership costs just $30 US / $33 CAN and is the perfect way to help someone “get their feet wet” with Studio J and give them complete access to a product you love. Combine it with a 5-pack to make it an extra-special stocking stuffer!
  • Give a gift certificate for one-on-one Studio J training. (Time: 35 minutes) With Studio J, you can create two 2-page layouts in just 30 minutes. Give a gift certificate for a 30-minute session of one-one-one training where you help them create two layouts. Once you’ve shown them how fast and easy it is to scrapbook the Studio J way, they’ll be excited to create more pages on their own!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!  Merry Christmas!!  Love, Elizabeth 

PS.  If you are coming from Susan Lower for the "blog hop" then won't you stay and look around at all the recent Christmas Crafts I've made.  I had posts all last week (see archives to the right) on Christmas decore, gifts and cards.  Then hop on over to http://www.mrschadt.com/ and see some more Christmas crafting fun :)

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  1. Very nice list of gift ideas. I think personalzied christmas cards with hearfelt christmas card greetings can make a good present as well. Happy holidays!


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