Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple Handmade Gift Idea

My dear friend had a birthday this past week and I wanted to come up with something simple to give her.  I took a candle (pack of two at the Dollar Tree), wrapped it around the center with some twine and secured with a hot glue gun.  Then I added a star from the star ornaments that I had made (tutorial here) and in less than five minutes (and for under $1) I had a nice handmade gift!  Love how this turned out! I might just make a few for my own home :)  

I have burned these candles while in the room because they are the kind that burn straight down the center and the outside of the candle is not effected.  I would not recommend lighting these candles, they look pretty just as they are sitting on a shelf or table.

I'll package these together with the Vanilla Extract, some Vanilla sugar, and a few homemade cookies (with recipes).  

Thanks for stopping by!  Love your comments :) 

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  1. The candle gift is so tastefully made. I must say, I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for being you! :-)


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