Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Heart 2 Heart

Heart 2 Heart this week is Back to School.  If you have not checked out my backpack that I made earlier this month for a blog hop you can view the post here.

Since I already made this I was tempted to enter it into Heart 2 Heart but decided to do something else with the "back to school" theme.  We have just begun the homeschool journey in our family.  I believe each family, each child and every year is different and so my husband and I decided we would take our schooling a year at a time.

I have gotten our material from Sonlight and have been very happy with it.  As a lover of books, I was impressed and pleased with the high emphasis on literacy with this program.  I am happy to say that both my boys (and even my little girl) love books!  Reading happens in our home all the time and I am super excited for the time when my kids will be able to read for themselves.  For now my husband and I are the official readers and I really don't mind (I secretly LOVE being a reader - don't tell my husband or he will make me take over the bedtime routine more often!).

This week the boys and I made bookmarks.  I used the FREE typset stamp set from Close To My Heart.  As a side note there is still time to get this set for free along with the August Stamp of the Month, and the Double Pair-a-Phrase stamp set all for only $5 with a qualifying purchase!  That is $60 worth of product for only $5 - contact me for more information or shop here.  I used the same technique used to make this alphabet card.


I got the idea from Janette Lynton (love love love her blog!!).  Her card with this looks so much better but I'm aspiring to someday be like her!

First I lined up the letters using the backing for the stamps that come with the package.  

Then I removed the R, E, A, and D

I stamped the letters with Outdoor Denim

Then stamped READ with Autumn Terracotta.
 I word of advice.  Make triple sure you are not spelling inappropriate words by mistake.  As you can see in the above photo my "read" spelled something that as just plain wrong but I did not realize it right away.  After stamping I looked at my card and thought it was very possible that I had spelled a word.  I searched the internet and found this word just would not work on our bookmark so I had to make another square - lesson learned!

My finished book mark with the quotes  "To Read is To Fly" and
"Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader"

Inside the bookmark (which stays together with magnetic strips) I put a book list.
Together the boys and I will write down the books we read after we are finished.
Hope you all stay safe this weekend - we are preparing for a big storm.  If there are not posts for a while you know we have lost electricity due to Irene.


  1. What great projects! Thanks for your word of advice! Yikes! Thanks so much for joining us at H2H.

  2. As an advid reader, I think this bookmark is awesome! I can't wait to make a few of my own for the little readers in our house. Thanks for shareing!

  3. I'm clueless, Liz. I've compared the two cards and even though I see the changes I still don't know what unwanted word you spelled. I actually thought is was the "NIG" that you found "wrong" but it was still there so I'm a bit at sea over this one. Oh well, not as wordsmithy as I think. :) Love all your ideas and the lanterns are so cute as are your kids.


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