Monday, February 27, 2012

Share a Smile

I am putting together a collaborative fundraiser between bloggers. This is a smile project designed to raise money for Operation Smile.  The Blog Style Smile-A-Thon and I would love to have you join me!


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If you are a blogger and would like to participate, please read through the details below and email me with your interest at alwaysdeeper(at) or request to join our Smile-A-Thon facebook page group .
March 1st is Share A Smile Day and we are going to celebrate the whole month of March with (hopefully) hundreds of shared smiles!  

What is the collaborative project:
A collaborative effort on the part of 
bloggers to collect 
spontaneous smileys
and raise money for Operation Smile

How to participate:
  • Any blogger that wants to participate by promoting the project, collecting smileys and uploading them onto the Spontaneous Smiley website please e-mail me at alwaysdeeper (at) and/or join our facebook group
  • All photos uploaded onto Spontaneous Smiley website must include "Elizabeth Sent Me" in the "Who Are You?" field 
  • All bloggers are encouraged (but not required) to print off a sponsor form here and collect sponsors for the smiley photos that they take
  • Please encourage your readers to collect their own photos and maybe even print off a sponsor sheet 
  • Deadline for notifying me of participation in order to be put on the list of participating bloggers is March 15th.  
***It only costs $240 to change one child's life - one operation - once child - one new Smile!  My dream to raise enough money to give FIVE children a smile - that means a goal of $1200** 

How the fundraiser will work: 

You can take part in any of these additional fundraisers. This is completely optional but the more the merrier though!

Individual Projects to giveaway: 
  • Each of you can elect to host a giveaway on your site, with the option to donate to Operation Smile. 
    • It can be a copy of Ruth's book (that you purchase and giveaway).
    • It can also be something related to the share a smile project.
    • It can even be a collection of your own smiles taken :)
  • Start the giveaways on March 17th. I would like to do at least one per day [depends on how many of you opt to do this].

    Giveaway & Discount: 
    • Ruth will donate one signed book to be given to the person who collects the Most Smileys
    • Ruth will donate one signed book to be given to the person who raises the Most Money for Operation Smile (through your smile-a-thon sponsor sheets).
    • Ruth is offering 30% discount on her book to everyone who collects more than ten smileys and uploads them onto the Spontaneous Smiley website.    

    • If you are participating, I would like to ask you to promote the Share A Smile project when we go live on March 17th or even leading up to that date until the end of March.
    • All blogs that are participating will be listed on our March 17th post.
    • Promote Operation Smile, Spontaneous Smiley, and our Share a Smile project in any way you can - do you blog about your kids?  Create a kid friendly smile project and share about Project Share a Smile.  Do you blog about cooking?  Why not put together a smile theme recipe and share about Project Share a Smile?  Do you blog about your paper crafting?  I do too!  I'm planning on doing some smile themed cards and posting some of my layouts about the smiles my kids share each day and then promote the Share A Smile Project.  
    • All giveaways will be cross-linked/promoted with a linky party.
    Please let me know which levels of participation you will take part in:
      1. Collecting and uploading Spontaneous Smileys onto the Spontaneous Smiley website (with "Elizabeth Sent Me" in the who are you section) 
      2. Printing off the sponsor sheet here and collecting sponsors for the spontaneous smileys you collect.
      3. Hosting a giveaway of their project with the option to donate to Operation Smile as an entry.
      4. Mentioning the 'big' giveaways of the Ruth's books which I'll host on my blog.

      I am excited to have you join us on this adventure of sharing smiles with children around the world and look forward to hearing from you :) 
      Opperation Smile Fundraiser going on now
      for more information check out my post here

      Elizabeth Mindemann
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      1. This is such an amazing cause and I think it will be a lot of fun! Also, I have an award for you over at my blog!


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