Thursday, February 16, 2012

Play Challenge - Day 30

Well this challenge did not end the way I had hoped with all the sickness in my home but for those of you who followed all the way through I'm finishing off the challenge today.  Thank you for joining me and putting up with the crazy ending :)  Day 30 - keep on playing!

One of my readers commented that her kids are having so much fun she is going to put all the activities into a jar for the kids to chose one each day!  I am so thrilled with that idea I'm going to do it myself.  My kids keep asking if they can "make music" or "draw big" like we did before!  I have learned that those 15 or 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with them really did mean a lot - I need to be more focused on getting in time with them and put my agenda aside! 

So I found these ideas on pinterest 
from How To Nest For Less

and one of my favorite crafting blogs The Crafting Chicks

I am working on my own jar/can for the kids and I'll be sure to post it when I have it finished :) 

For now - keep on playing and enjoy your kids.  

This time has taught me these things about . . . 
  • My daughter - she loves the time with me - many of the activities the boys lost interest in long before she did - she can play for hours on her own but really enjoys just being in the same room with me - she loves to "cook" and the flubber project & science experiments were her favorite activities
  • My oldest - he craves one on one time and love to be a leader - if I gave him the instructions he was in heaven telling the others how to make this project or that project work - I need to praise him more for taking the lead and being a GOOD example when he does it instead of always telling him to stop bossing his siblings around 
  • My middle boy - he is crazy (nothing new learned here) and really enjoyed the active days - his favorite was probably the play islands and horse playing because he just loves that type of physical activity - he knows he is loved when I tickle him, wrestle with him and "fill up his love tank" with kisses 
  • Me - I spend way too much time on the computer!  I sit down to just look this one thing up or get this recipe or check my e-mail and before I know it the morning is shot!  I need to get off and spend purposeful time with my kids . . . on that note
What did you learn throughout this experience? 
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  1. We didn't quite finish all of the activities this week, but we will next week. I also need to get on the activity jar idea so that it is ready to go when we finish these activities. Thanks for posting this challenge, I had so much fun and so did my kids!

  2. We finished up! Thank you again for doing this, I hope I can continue it, because it definitely changed things around here for the better!


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