Friday, February 17, 2012

I can be your friend . . .

"Any day in any weather
we can be friends and play [grow, create, share, laugh, cry, chat] together.  
I can be your friend.  If your hair is red or yellow, we can have lunch I'll share my jello (or at least a recipe or two).  It's ok if we are different we can still chat because I can be your friend!"
Veggie Tales Song "I can be your Friend" (lyrics changed a little by yours truly)

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Some of you may have heard that Google Friend Connect is going away on March 1st, some of you may not. The fact of the matter is, it will be going away for blogs that are NOT on Blogger.  GFC will return to a regular "follow" widget for Blogger blogs.  I am currently hosted on Blogger, but in the future, I would like to move to Wordpress and hopefully get my own domain name.  I will continue to leave the Blogger "follow" widget on our blog after the change, however we do encourage you to subscribe in another way so we do not lose touch with you when we do transition to Wordpress.  We value our readers and do not want you to miss anything when we move.

Here are other ways to connect and follow along with us:

Follow through the Linky Followers above GFC to the right 

Facebook- I update my Facebook page every day with posts and try to interact with my readers too. My facebook page is where you will find tips, tutorials and video links for all things paper crafting!  I also hold contests and giveaways just for my crafty facebook friends :)  Click HERE to follow me on Facebook.

RSS- My RSS feed is another great way to stay connected. I love my readers and subscribers! Click HERE to subscribe via RSS feed.

Twitter- I try to tweet daily and love to chat with my tweeps. I often will send out upcoming information or various giveaways on Twitter. Click HERE to follow via Twitter.

Pintrest- On Pintrest I like to pin my favorite projects. Here I also pin projects, ideas, blog challenges and all things beautiful that I use for creative inspiration. Click HERE to follow me on Pintrest.

Blog Lovin'- This one is brand new to me but I recommend you check it out.  All your favorite blogs in one place :)  Click HERE to follow us on Blog Lovin'.

Our Blog Frog Community- Yes, I just started a community for our readers to interact with each other.  I would LOVE to get this going and make it a real place to talk about life with kids, paper crafting, blogging, tips and techniques and anything else you want to chat about.  FYI:  It takes just a few seconds to load onto our site so please be patient.  Click HERE to join our community. 

Email- Never miss a post by subscribing to me via email. I promise I don't spam and you will NOT get my monthly newsletter unless you subscribe to is separately.  This link is just for my blog posts!  It's easy to subscribe and just as easy to unsubscribe (though I would rather not have you do that).  Click HERE to subscribe via email.

I follow a ton of blogs but rarely have the time to read even half of them!  With that in mind I am will no longer require you follow me for any reason including giveaways, and I will not solicit followers. I  would rather have 10 people follow me because they truly want to stay connected than 1,000 followers who never visit my site.

Thanks for your understanding and patience with this big change.  I look forward to connecting with you and sharing this journey we call Life together :)

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for more information check out my post here

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