Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fudoo Board:Promote Healthy Eating & Lifestyle

It's time for the first of many giveaways I'll be hosting for the Heart Project.  Quick summary.  Seventy (70) bloggers have put together an awesome kids book filled with heart-related, kid-related projects to benefit the American Heart Association.  For more information check out this post here.

I'm excited to co-host a giveaway for Fudoo Boards with Jamie over at Handsonaswegrow and and Nicole at Heart Journey! Don't know what a Fudoo Board is?  Neither did I but a little research was all it took for me to want one :)  Fudoo Boards are an interactive board that let's you (and your kids) keep track of healthy eating and other lifestyle actions.  Made by Sarah Vinch, a Mama who knows the ins and outs of raising little ones!  

How do these boards work?  It is a board with all the correct servings for each day.  Magnets (most with serving sizes) get placed in open spaces so you can literally SEE where the holes are in your eating habits.  Nutrition becomes a fun game when veggies become germ fighters

and protein builds muscles (what boy doesn't want muscles?)

One mom reports this about the Fudoo Board
"After charting my family's food and activity choices, I realized we weren't all that bad and where we were bad- it wasn't where I thought.  So, I have used the 30 Days to Make a Habit chart and started filling in our own goals.  One day a week is reading- for more thinking time.  One day a week is exercising with the family- for more moving.  I serve water at dinner instead of milk- so we don't go overboard on our servings of dairy.  (This saves the pocketbook too!)"

One side of the board has EAT

The other side MOVE

Jamie is offering not one but TWO Fudoo Boards! 

If you don't want to wait to see if you win one - you can bid on one on ebay. There are Three Fudoo Boards up for auction and all proceeds benefit the American Heart Association!
Enter Today's Fudoo Boards Giveawayhere
(Giveaway runs from today until Sunday, February 12th)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Opperation Smile Fundraiser going on now
for more information check out my post here

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  1. I love the great information and awareness that they spread!

  2. I love how they work diligently to raise awareness. I try to support them annually.

  3. Great project and love the concept behind the Fudoo boards!

  4. heart foundation great work please keep it up my husband has an irregular heartbeat A-FIB

  5. I love that they spread awareness! Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women in my county (Kern Co, CA)


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