Monday, February 6, 2012

Hands On Play Challenge

Good morning friends.  I am still pretty sick and with having come into close proximity to others this weekend that are sick with the flu I am anticipating a rather difficult week for us here in the home of Broken Treasures.  With that being said I'm going to list out the challenges for the week.  I may or may not get photos posted but at least life can continue as normal or whatever for you all :)  I have some regularly scheduled posts ready to go and some giveaways coming up so don't write me off this week :)  Thanks!

Day 24 - Play with Junk (I have the idea to make things out of paper tubes - hoping to get some space ships made with the boys for their lego men)
Day 25 - Small World Play - get out those trains, cars, little people, legos, etc.  Create city scapes with blocks and cereal boxes, make roads and train tracks if you have them.  I'm looking forward to this day with my kids :)
Day 26 - Printing with objects - my plan is to take a basket around the house and have the kids pile in different objects they find.  Then get out paint and paper and have them print with the objects they find - what shapes will them make? 
Day 27 - Roll Play - play house, dress up, use kitchen items make a meal together , etc.
Day 28 - Play in a Box (I'm thinking my kids will go crazy with this one) make cars, houses (if you have a large enough box) or trains.  My kids love to push each other around in the laundry basket - I'm thinking boxes will have the same reaction :)
Day 29 - Sticky art - get some contact paper and paste things to it or my plan is to just use foam sheets, water and our backdoor window :)  What will stick and what won't

Have fun!  I'll post as I can and Day 30 will come next week for sure!  I have enjoyed this journey with you all.  I'm sorry for the breaks and illness.  As a side note I'm trying out the linky followers tool.  I think I like it better as I can sort the blogs I follow by categories (food/recipes, papercrafting, kids projects, etc.) Please consider re-following me on the linky box - if it works well enough I'll most likely get rid of the google friend connect.  For now I'm keeping both as the linky tool is still brand new.  Thanks so much :)  

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  1. I hope you are feeling better, it is so hard to take care of kids when you're sick! We only did three days this week because the kids are staying with my in laws for a few days.


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