Monday, November 7, 2011

Make It Monday

So we are doing pumpkins again - I know I told you I'm obsessed with them :)!  I used to teach preschool and this was a favorite project from the Mailbox Magazine.  First we picked one of our pumpkins and set it aside.  We painted and glittered the others :)

Once again - shirtless!  UGH what's a Mama to do?!

Next we looked at the pumpkin we had set aside and guessed how many seeds were in the pumpkin (Predicted) - I wrote down each persons answer.  Then we cut the pumpkin open and pulled out all the seeds.  Looking at the pile we made another, more educated, guess (Estimate) and wrote those numbers down.  Finally we counted the seeds and got the Actual account.  **You need to set the seeds aside to dry and do the project part the next day or used package pumpkin seed**
Then we recorded our findings in a fun kid friendly way :)

 We glued a few seeds (dried out) to an orange circle

Then I recorded our findings onto pumpkin leaves (estimate and prediction) and the Actual amount onto a stem.

So much fun and learning too :)  Have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by - you know your comments are always read and very much appreciated!!

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Elizabeth Mindemann


  1. There's nothing wrong with doing messy projects shirtless, in fact, it means leas- or at least easier- laundry for you! Fun project!

  2. I love this idea. Also, I have a son who is always shirtless. It is a vast improvement from the days when he'd strip down to skins as soon as we'd get home.... or anyone else's house. Lol!


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