Monday, October 3, 2011

Make It Monday (Super Simple Applesauce)

Welcome to another Monday!  As promised I'm posting about apples today (and next Monday).  Now I do not dare try to come across as a food blogger although I love reading food blogs (like Ryan Bakes, Passionate Homemaking and Pioneer Woman) or surfing the net for new recipes (Taste of Home, All Recipes, and Food Network and now my favorite Pinterest!).  However, this is not so much a recipe as an activity to do with your kids.  So today we are going to go from this

To This

You will need:
A large Pot
A food mill
Freezing Containers
And some other things (see I'm not a food blogger!)

 Ok so get a bunch of Apples.  We go to a pick your own place and pick the minimum allowed (like 10 pounds or $10 or something) just for the experience and then I go to the attached store and buy a big bucket (oh, I knew you were going to ask how much and I just don't know - it is a big basket) of "seconds".   These are apples with bruises or something (and so they cost less) but I'm going to chop them up and mash them so who cares!  The secret to totally awesome applesauce is . . . wait for it . . . different kinds of apples!  Yup, that is it.  I usually get three kinds.  Always Honey Crisp because there is no better apple!  And this time I also got Gala, and Fuji.

My son who is enjoying himself but looks like he is falling asleep!

I tried using an apple corer but it was impossible to get the core out and was driving me insane (please see past post about how I'm not perfect) so I just skipped that step and used a knife to cut out the center of the apple.  I cut the apple (skin still on) into chunks and the kids put them in the big pot.  I have two pots going at the same time so that we are always mashing, cutting or putting into containers - because I love to have work all the time, my kids need something to do and it really does make the whole process go faster.
** Note: I do know that some people do not even remove the seeds because the food mill will do that for you so you are welcome to try that.  I removed the seeds because they kept getting stuck in my food mill.  I am also told that there is this amazing food processor/blender thing that will allow you to make applesauce skins and all without cooking - Oh to have this said kitchen tool - but alas, I do not so my applesauce gets cooked first.  Yes, I am aware that cooking removes some of the nutrients but we will just have to live with that** (Wow that was a long note, sorry about that)

My youngest, putting apples into the pot.  Now another thing you should know is that my children did not help me with the entire process of apple making.  They participated for the first batch or two so that I could get pictures and have something to blog about (LOL - just kidding - sort of).  They actually participated on and off because my patience would only allow them helping for periods of time and they lost interest.  Also, my baby kept putting apples into her mouth, taking a bite and then putting them into the pot.  I think I got most of them out and assure myself that the apples boil at such a high temperature that any germs will get killed in the pot.  Also, if you happen to be a friend who gets one of our containers of applesauce be assured that I have marked the ones that my kids helped with - you will not get one of those!

 Ok then you cook the apples over the stove until they are soft but not burned.  Um . . time . . how long?  Um, Ok I found it . . . simmer over low heat for 20 to 30 minutes.

Then spoon it into your food mill and grind it up until the sauce is in the bowl and the skins are not.

Then put into freezer containers, freeze, save some for eating if you want or just eat later.  We do all of the mentioned.  Oh and yes I do not add anything to my sauce.  You could add sugar if you want but that kind of defeats the purpose of making it yourself.  That my friends is up to you.

Enjoy - and make go Make your Monday!

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  1. This looks awesome. one of the many perks of fall! I just made my own applesauce *although a bit different than the way you made yours. Thanks for stopping by Sew Woodsy!

  2. i love that caleb is making it in his underwear! lol i miss that boy so much. i NEVER knew that the secret is using different kinds of apples!! i'll have to try that next time :)


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