Saturday, October 15, 2011

CTMH {Spotlight} Blog Hop

Good morning!  Welcome to the Close To My Heart Spotlight Blog Hop featuring Re-inkers!  If you are coming from Wendy's blog My Scrapbooking Blog you are in the right place :)

I was so excited about this one because I know there are a ton of things you can do with Re-inkers besides the obvious of reinking your stamp pads (which I have not had to do and think it will be a long while before I actually do have to use them for this).  Anyway, I decided to use the Cranberry Re-inker mixed with Liquid glass to dress up some pattern paper and metal embelishments.  Oh so much fun!

First I found this card and envelope over at Jeannete's blog (have you been there lately? You totally should!  A new Art Philosophy Shape for every day this month)

and then used the Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut out my card, the vase, flowers and envelope!!  I know, awesome right!  My cousin is getting married today and I made this card for her and her husband.

If you want to find out how I went from this . . . 
 to this

Than keep reading.  If you are not interested in the tutorial feel free to hop right on over to
Nikka's blog  and continue browsing beautiful projects made with our fabulous reinkers!
Cricut Measurements:
Envelope: (top right-hand button, font layer function w/shift) cut at "fit to page"
(if you haven't used this button you should - so very helpful!) which cut out at 5 3/4 inches
Card: (Top row 3rd button from left, card function) cut at 5 inches
Vase: (Fourth row 4th from the left, Layer function w/shift) cut at 3 inches
Flowers: (Fourth row 7th from the left, shift) cut at 1 inch

For the tutorial I used Liquid Glass, Cranberry Reinker, Mini Medley pewter buttons,
and Elemental patterned paper

I mixed the Liquid Glass and Re-inker together in one of my kids paint trays.  Now I'm sure you should use something specific tool wise but I did not have anything other than the end of one of my little one's paint brushes and so that is what I used.

I dabbed spots onto the patterned paper on the envelope . . .

and used the brush end to completely cover the button and make it red

One more photo of the finished card

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy this blog hop, continue on at Nikka's blog!

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  1. Clever use of re-inker. I really like how you took an idea and totally made it your own. Great job! :-)

  2. I love how you used your mixture to color a button and the envelope lining is beautiful.
    Wendy K.

  3. WOW, I love the card. The red spots and buttons are so clever. I have used LG on the dots but never colored. Your cousin is very lucky.

  4. The colored liquid glass looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this reinker tip.

  5. Your card is lovely and the technique is very cool. You rocked it!



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