Friday, October 28, 2011

Fabric Pumpkins

I know these have been floating all over the web recently but I wanted to make them anyway and share it with you :).  I found them first I believe on pinterest.  
Danielle's tutorial on the Thompson Family blog was super easy to follow!

Danielle's pumpkins

My pumpkins

The Materials Needed: 
fabric (any colors will do - I got three shades of orange, a green and a brown, each for $.99 at Joanne Fabrics and had enough to make 16 pumpkins)
Thread, needle, scissors
Fiber fill (I got a large bag at Joanne's for $5 and still have 1/4 of a bag left over)

I figured out the total cost was $10 making the cost per pumpkin a whopping 62 cents!

mini pumpkins all lined up in a row :)  I gave one to each of my girlfriends in my Bible Study

Up close mini pumpkin
I added leaves to my pumpkins and made some green "gourds" too.  The leaves were simply cut out of the green fabric in a leaf shape and sewn onto the pumpkin by the stem.


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