Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn wreaths and decorations

Ever since I discovered I am so more organized (at least on-line) ;)  I love searching the web for things I want to make and having them all in the same place to find!  Here are a few of the Autumn decorations that I so wanted to make (of course I can not make them all so I'm sharing them here with you).  

Shoestring Sophistication

Keeping It Simple

Little Things Bring Smiles

I decided to go with the yarn wreath since I have never made one before and it seemed simple enough.  I found the tutorial for the felt flowers here

  Here is what you need . . . 

Yarn, foam wreath form, felt (for flowers), other floral decorations (if you want) and ribbon (which I forgot to put in the photograph)

Start with a small dab of hot glue and begin the yarn there.  Then I just kept wrapping tightly over the whole frame.  Really it was pretty simple - finish off with some hot glue.

Then I glued on the felt flowers, green hydrangeas and orange berries using a hot glue gun and tied a ribbon at the top for hanging.  

 Thanks for stopping by - like always your comments are read and much appreciated by this stay-at-home Mama :)  

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  1. It turned out great! How much would you say all the materials cost? I'm thinking these would make simple Christmas presents... ??

    I love pinterest too, even if I don't ever do half of those things.

  2. I love the lullabelle one! I definitely wanna make! Oh and btw i need help with my BLOG!

  3. Ooh, I do like yours! The flower/berry combination is perfect!


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