Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's a JPG?

This month Close To My Heart is offering a free JPG layout for Studio J.  I have had a few people ask me "what is that?"  and "What would I do with a JPG?"

Think of it as a digital photo.  Every time you upload photos from your camera to your computer you create a jpg.  It is often suggested that you make a copy of your photos onto disks and store them away from your home in case of a natural disaster (or in my personal experience the disasters my children and dog create).  When someone loses a home or flood it is the photos of family and friends they often miss the most.  So when you create a layout on Studio J you will get a jpg file of each layout and this month only you will get a free jpg and have no obligation to make any purchase!  It works, I just did it!  Here is my layout.

So now you know what a jpg is what would you do with this?  The options are endless!  You can . . .
  • upload your layout to your blog (like this one), facebook, any on-line photo printing company
  • use your layout for a Christmas Card like this one on Shutterfly
  • print out your layout at home with a 12x12 printer if you have one or in a smaller 8x8 size to make a mini album or frame your layout for a gift
  • send your layout away to any on-line print company to get a print out 
Don't know how to use Studio J?  Come to a FREE class on Monday, June 13th or Monday, June 27th at my house.  Or check out some of these awesome tutorials.


Try out Studio J for FREE today or sign up for one of my classes!  Have fun!!

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