Monday, June 6, 2011

Kids & Stamps (of the month)

I've said before that I love Close To My Heart's Acrylic Stamps because they are great quality, you can see through them, they are flexible and strong, and they make a nice clean fully inked stamp!  I recently found another love for them.  Anyone who is a mama of young children will tell you ANYTHING can happen when you turn your back for a second - yes a split second!  I went into the kitchen for just that second and came back to find this
 Now I would not recommend that you stamp with your 1 year old daughter and 2 year old niece but be assured if this happens your stamps are not ruined.  I do stamp with my toddlers (ages 3 & 4) and they use the stamps a lot.  I am teaching them how to be responsible with things, to clean and put away their stamps when they are done, etc.  However, with much use Acrylic stamps can loose their stickiness.  What to do?  Well, I took the above stamps, ran them under warm water, let them air dry and they were as good as new!  These are awesome stamps!

Since we are on the topic of Stamps this month's Stamp of the Month Jubilation is really cool.  When I first saw it I wasn't that crazy about it.  Then I saw so many cool crafts being made by others with the stamp set and went to a meeting and made a card using it.  Now I am sold.  Go here for more variations of this card.  Here is the card I made
Super cute right?  And another cool feature?  The center of the flowers.  Using a black dot stamp and Liquid Glass we made our own opaques.  Liquid Glass is awesome!  I have some on order as we speak (or read/write in this case) and can not wait to use it.  Stay tuned for some more amazing ways to use this product and look for more information on some upcoming classes I will offer with it.

Want this stamp set for free?  Contact me or go here for the details!  Remember this set is only available until June 30th! 

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