Friday, April 12, 2013

Mother's Day Card - faux washi tape

So I'm in love with Washi Tape - have been for some time.  But with my enormous collection I still can't always find the color I'm looking for :(  (hard to believe right?!)  That is why I am so in love with this technique of using stamps to create a washi tape look!  Check it out . . .

At the top and side of the card I used the In The Background stamp set to create a washi tape look!  Am so going to try this with the chevron stamp :)

See how I did the same thing but changed the look just by changing ink colors?!  Love love love it!  I might just go a bit washi stamp crazy the next few days :)

**thanks for a facebook friend who pointed out the cards should say "you're wonderful" - guess I won't be pinning these - LOL**

These would make super cute Mother's Day cards and since I made my own birthday card this year (my husband took one from my stash for the kids to sign - lol) I thought I would make my own Mother's Day cards as well.  Can't decide if I want to be beautiful or wonderful :)

   Have a great weekend!  

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Elizabeth Mindemann
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  1. Just a quick comment on your "Your beautiful Mom" and "Your wonderful Mom", they are REALLY beautiful, but you spelled Your wrong. It should be You are...(you're), there's still time to fix it :)

    1. Thanks Michelle - yes I realized that and have something in my post about a friend who pointed it out to me :) Glad you stopped by and thanks for taking the time to fix it :)


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