Friday, March 1, 2013

Do you know your Cricut (part 1)?

Today is March 1st and I'll be doing a few things here this month so come along for the ride :)

1.  I'll be featuring posts about the Cricut Machine and our fabulous cartridges.  So many of us own these machines and yet do not even know how to use them!  I know I was one of those people (had my machine for six years and hardly ever used it until the first CTMH cartridge came out)!  Let me share some tips with you and show you how to really know (and LOVE) your cricut this month!

2.  It seemed fitting that I would share with you about the Cricut because I got mine on my birthday and March just happens to be my birthday month :)  We'll be celebrating with games and prizes on my facebook page so come on over and join in the fun!  

3.  My workshops - I'm almost finished with all the details of my Later Sk8r Boys Rule Workshop and will be posting that on Monday next week.  Sit tight because the Girls Rock Workshop will quickly follow and I know you are going to love them both :)

Ok so here goes.  Know & Love your Cricut (part 1)

Do you own a Cricut® Machine?  Do you want one but just don't know which one to choose?  You can't learn how to use your machine if you don't have one so we'll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start - now you have that song in your head just like I do - lol).

Here is a simple handy guide (and a downloadable PDF file) to help make that choice a little easier!

Cricut® Machine
Original Cricut
Personal Electronic Cutter

This portable machine uses 6" x 12"
cutting mats to cut characters from
1" to 5.5" tall or 11.5" wide in paper,
cardstock, vinyl, vellum, and thin
plastics. Machine set includes a
cartridge, cutting mat, cutting blade
and necessary cords and manuals.

Cricut Create®
Personal Electronic Cutter

This clever machine combines the
portability of the original Cricut
machine with the functionality of the
Cricut Expression® machine. It allows
cuts from 0.25" up to 11.5" on a
6" x 12" cutting mat, offers several
modes and functions, and utilizes
a large display screen. Machine set
includes a cartridge, cutting mat,
cutting blade and necessary cords
and manuals.

Cricut Expression®
24" Personal Electronic Cutter
(this is the one I have and LOVE)

This machine uses cutting mats
measuring 12" x 12" and 12" x 24"
to allow cuts from 0.25" up to an
impressive 23.5". Six modes and four
functions offer greater customization
of cuts, and new settings and menus
add functionality to the machine.
Machine set includes two cartridges,
12" x 12" cutting mat, cutting blade
and necessary cords and manuals.

**The Cricut Expression 2 - is different and I'm not sure I like it as much.  It is a touch screen and takes some getting used to for sure!**

Cricut Imagine™
Electronic Print and Cut System

Cricut Imagine lets you design, print,
and cut together to take all of your
creative projects to the next level.
Now you can add full color and patterns
for one-of-a kind projects that reflect
your creativity and personality. Cricut
Imagine offers endless possibilities;
the rest is up to you. Machine set
includes one Cricut Imagine cartridge,
12" x 12" cutting mat, cutting blade,
ink and necessary cords and manuals.

So which one do you have?  Why do you like it?  Which one do you want?  I so badly want an imagine and am saving my pennies :)

Thanks for stopping by - I love reading your comments :)  They make my day!

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Elizabeth Mindemann
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  1. Other than a couple used carts, the only new ones I've bought are the two CTMH cartridges. I have and Expression 2, but really don't use it much. I guess I get frustrated when things don't cut properly. I have issues with it either not cutting all the way through, or ripping the paper. Ugh. I end up using my big shot since I know it will cut through every time. LOL ~ Blessings, Tracey

    1. I had that problem too Tracey a lot! It has to do with the speed and depth of the blade. My next post will be a chart with what speed, depth and dial settings to use for different materials but I also got a free cricut guide from Above Rubies Studio that was very very helpful - stopped wasting paper :) Thanks for stopping by!


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