Monday, July 9, 2012

Hair Today . . .

gone tomorrow :)  I know it is a bad pun!  Sorry.  This week I am having a blast in Dallas, Texas at the Close To My Heart convention and I can not wait to show you all the great new products available for purchase on August 1st!  Be sure to stay tuned for the super on-line Idea Book release party the first week of August here on Broken Treasures - it is going to be amazing!  Lots of fun games and prizes and of course new CTMH product!

My project to share with you today is a Studio J layout of my daughter after her first haircut.  I had no intention of giving her a haircut for a long long time - I just could not bear to get rid of those golden baby curls :)  My boys had different plans.  The middle boy has been showing such an interest in his sister lately.  Helping her out with whatever she needs, following her around the house and covering her with kisses and attention.  It is super sweet to watch.

My husband was giving the boys their summer buzz cut with the trimmers - yes I am sure you know where this story is going.  The whole thing started when my oldest was done with his hair cut and my husband went inside to help the oldest with his shower.  The other two were on the deck with the boy in charge "make sure your sister doesn't get into trouble and let me know if she does anything she shouldn't".  Now mind you this is the boy that is super attentive to her every need.  She in turn picked up the trimmers and he did not want her to get hurt but did know she wanted to cut her hair - so instead of telling dad he just started to help her.

The result was a fist full of curls on the back deck, a very angry daddy and a super sad little boy.  There really was no punishment because the boy fell to pieces when he realized he had made the wrong decision and the whole family cried for a moment at the loss of the golden curls.

Fortunately the cuts (more like shaves) were done underneath the hair so her top curls cover over enough and I've been able to style her hair over the shaved areas until it all grows back.  It is just hair - it will grow back.  The moral of the story?  Don't go to an all day crop to scrapbook on a day your husband plans on shaving the boys heads lol.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be keeping you updated this week on some sneak peeks of all the wonderful new products released August 1st :)  Oooo I'm so excited!!!

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