Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Booth

Happy Friday, Friends!  Here is the final post of our Camping Themed Birthday party.  Today I'll share with you more details about the games, activities and photo booth.  We'll start with the photo booth.  After much difficulty I finally (with my husbands help) got a sheet to hang between two trees in our yard.  I pinned ADVENTURE onto the sheet and set up two baskets with NERF guns, cardboard signs, dress up hats and clothes.  I put out some boots as well and a play campfire.    

There were no girls allowed at this party with the exception of Mamas, Nanas, Aunts, Cousins and Sisters.  So I guess in reality girls were allowed - oh well.  The boys really seemed to enjoy themselves in front of the camera.    

Friday Night when the boys arrived we had the photo booth, Smores Bar, Campfire, and tug-of-war rope.  They also played some version of flashlight wrestling tag - totally unplanned by me - but completely "boy"!

It did rain a little on Saturday morning.  While it was raining we had breakfast inside and then the boys went for a nature hunt.  After finding all the things on their list they came back to the house, put their discoveries into a bandanna and we made hobo sticks.  

Here they are posing with their sticks.

Off, with their sticks, to explore and discover!

They played at a near by park for a while and then returned home (no injuries or sticks lost!) for the final activity.  My husband showed the boys how to make a slingshot.  There are a ton of ideas on-line of how to do this.  Two ideas can be found at these sites can be found here, and here.   

Then they filed out into the yard and lined up.  We gave them mini marshmallows and they shot them into the field.

I'm happy to report there was no injuries from the sling shots and much boyish happiness happened all weekend long!  Boys will be boys - I was glad to find a healthy way to let them do just that - Be Boys!
Have a great weekend and don't forget about my giveaway this month.

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  1. I think this looks like a great kids party. The little touches really make it special. I love the "fake" campfire and the marshmallow slingshots are brillant. Thanks for sharing.


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