Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Digital Review Creative Memories/Stampin Up

I don't know a whole lot about digital and so explored four different sites over the past few weeks.  I wanted to give a review of Creative Memories but they don't have anything to try out for free so I was unable to really play around with it.

From what I could tell from their website they have a ton of projects you can order using your photos similar to Snapfish or other on-line photo printing companies.  The difference seems to be that you can order whole albums (for $49) and design your own.  They also have photo books, mugs, calendars, etc.

I was disappointed that I had to purchase the software instead of being able to play around with it to see if it was something I would use.  The software cost $65 and upgrades cost $19.   For more information you can check out their site here.  

I ran into the same problem with Stampin Up's digital program.  You have to purchase the software first before you can play around with it.  Their digital site is filled with samples of other's projects, videos, blog, and more.  Again, I really wish I could have played around with it to give a better review.  

Their original software costs anywhere from $35 up to $88 for the digital software studio.  Then they have kits you can purchase for $16 and establishments and papers that range from $2-$8.  It is nice that you can just purchase papers you like and download them to whatever program you are already using.  You can check out there site here.  

Seeing how I had to buy both of these to use them I have not actually used them.  If any of you have used these programs I would love to know you thoughts on them.  Come back tomorrow for another review and GIVEAWAY!  And don't forget about my monthly giveaway, more information on that here!  

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