Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make it Monday (a little late)

I'm sorry for running late on this one, yes I recognize it is Tuesday - I have not lost my mind - well maybe I have but I am still aware what the day is (at least today I am).  Ok, enough here were go.  For our Make it Monday this week the kids and I went apple picking.

So we have had a lot of rain here lately.  I understand that many parts of the country are in desperate need for rain, so I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.  In dealing with all the rain I just could not stay in my house with the kids ONE more day so off we went to pick apples with rain boots.

So the next few weeks I'm going to post on Mondays what we did with our apples - YUM!  We always make applesauce (super easy and yummy) and this year I'm going to try a Apple Dinner (apples in every course!).  We are also going to make a few apple crafts so get ready!  Go do something with your kids today - even something small like this will make their day!  My oldest just asked me - Mama when are we going to pick apples in the rain again?  :)


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