Saturday, March 31, 2012

Share A Smile (Day 15)/Final Giveaway

The Share A Smile project is coming to an end . . . but we'll keep on smiling and finding smileys and uploading them to Spontaneous Smiley.  I hope you will too :)

Here is why we are doing what we are doing

And here is how you can help.  Take photographs of spontaneous smileys like these

and upload them onto Spontaneous Smiley Website (with "Elizabeth Sent Me" in the who are you section).  Each photograph gets $1 donation towards Operation Smile.  Or donate directly to Operation Smile here.

As a special Thank You for all the photo's you have collected I am hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of 
Ruth Kaiser's The Smiley Book of Colors!  

How to Enter:
Visit the Spontaneous Smiley gallery.  Come back here and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite smiley photo is :)

Additional Optional Entries (as always you are welcome to but never required to like my facebook page or follow me here, on twitter and on pinterest):

  • Take photo of a spontaneous smiley, upload it onto the Spontaneous Smiley website (with "Elizabeth Sent Me" in the who are you section) and leave me a comment saying you did so
  • Visit my facebook page and say "hi" (it would be great if you would upload and share a spontaneous photo you have taken)
  • Visit Operation Smile facebook page and tell them Elizabeth from Broken Treasures sent you :)

This giveaway will last until next Saturday, April 7th so don't forget to come back and see if you are a winner :)
Thanks for joining us on this journey and keep on smiling!

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