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Why Join Close To My Heart?

Do you enjoy scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking or any kind of paper crafting?  If you are a follower of my facebook page or blog than I'm sure you answered yes :)  

Why not order a Close To My Heart "Try Me Box" for only $49 and see if getting a great discount or turning your hobby into a business is right for you?  At this price (with a retail value of $149) you just can't lose plus you get a super Christmas gift for yourself or a creative friend on your list this year :)  

Here is WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about Close To My Heart

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Passion into Profits

As a former Creative Memories Consultant, I am proud to say that I am now a Close To My Heart Consultant and loving every minute of it! The product line is fantastic and so diverse, the quality is great, the prices are very affordable and the company itself is well run, organized and incredibly helpful. I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to join such an innovative company that cares about my desire to turn my passion into a profitable business. I would recommend Close To My Heart to everyone.
—Julie Young, Executive Manager

On Trend, on the Money

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be part of the Close To My Heart family. As a Senior Leader with another direct sales company for the past 14 years, I feel honored and privileged to be given the opportunity to start my new business with Close To My Heart. The product, the people, and the income opportunity hold no bounds. In the first month alone, I earned the title of Senior Director with an income to match the title. With such a wide range of exclusive, affordable and on-trend product, I know my personal business, along with my Team’s, will soar to greater heights, allowing my family to enjoy so many more of life's pleasures. Thank you, Close To My Heart!
—Shirley Dionysius, Senior Director

Everything a Crafter Could Ask for …and then Some

From the moment I was first introduced to Close To My Heart, I knew I had found the "one-stop shop" for all my papercrafting needs. Whatever I am working on—scrapbook pages, cards, or other paper-based activities—we have the perfect product (and then some!) for my project. I love how diverse our product lines are, everything from beautiful photo-safe papers, to innovative stamp sets and exclusive embellishments. The company definitely strives to keep up with all that's new and contemporary in the crafting world!
Everything is carefully designed to coordinate, with an element of fun, and it also meets my budget. Close To My Heart’s fabulous “how to” programs help me complete my projects with ease while still allowing my individuality and creativity to shine through, resulting in artwork I am excited about and very proud to display. What more could a papercrafter ask for?
—Chris Lothian, Manager

Memory-Keeping with a Vision for the Future

After 15 years with Creative Memories in Australia, I wondered what my future held when the company ceased operations. Uncertainty turned to certainty—the BEST THING EVER—a new business opportunity with Close To My Heart!
The results are astounding: my Team business is larger than it was previously and my Team is thriving; attendance at events is at an all-time high; new Consultants are engaged and enthusiastic, and everyone is happy working with the expansive Close To My Heart product line and this wonderful company. It’s so exciting to be involved in this fresh start!
Company founder Jeanette Lynton has built this debt-free company over the past 30 years and she has a vision for the next 30 years that every single member of the corporate team embraces and executes every day. Instead of being worried about the direction of my future, I am proud to represent Close To My Heart products and the brand that has been passionately built for many years.
I encourage anyone thinking about making a switch to consider Close To My Heart. I am thankful to have a solid, fun, welcoming new home that values memory keeping as much as I do!
—Diane Lampert, Senior Executive Director

My Team and Customers Have Renewed Energy

Over 13 years ago, I started as a Creative Memories consultant. Over those 13 years, I built up a successful business and was devastated when they closed. People always say things happen for a reason, it’s just not always clear at the time of the “event” what that reason is. Now I know!
Since starting with CTMH, myself, my team and my customers have fallen in love with scrapbooking again. Better than that, with the addition of stamping and papercrafting, I’m meeting so many new people who enjoy the other craft elements of CTMH. We are all benefiting from renewed energy, an amazing career plan, incredible training resources, a quality product, the diverse range, and the company’s generosity. I’m in love all over again.
—Megan Lawrence, Director

A Wonderful Change

Having been a consultant with another scrapbooking company for nearly 14 years, deciding to join Close To My Heart was a big change for me. It has proven to be a wonderful change!
Stamping was totally new to me, but that has not been a problem, as Close To My Heart has so many videos to show us how it is done. The product line is beautiful, keeps up with the trends, and yet still meets the needs of the classic scrapbooker. Close To My Heart is very generous toward customers and Consultants. I am so glad to be part of this wonderful company.
—Grace Green, Executive Manager

Something for Everyone

Close To My Heart is a company that has the most amazing lines of product that are also very affordable. There is something in this company for everyone, whether they are scrapbookers, cardmakers, or just love making crafty items. The company provides excellent business opportunities and I find they offer great rewards for both me as a Consultant and my customers. For Consultants, they provide an excellent training program with great backup.
—Yvonne Worthington, Supervisor

Sharing Your Story

I grew up with a mother in Direct Sales and saw what the stress from her leaders did to her.  I swore I would never ever join a company and allow other people to pressure me to be something I was not or did not want to be!  Then in October of 2010 I was introduced to Close To My Heart and never looked back.  I joined in May of 2011 and quickly fell in love with the teaching and mentoring plus the joy of using quality products to share my story and preserve my memories.  When my grandfather passed away in March of 2012 my passion for recording my memories grew even stronger as I searched through old photos longing to know the story of my grandparents and great grandparents.  Close To My Heart has provided me with the means to preserve my story, add a little extra income to suppliment my husband's salary while I stay home with our kids and given me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with crafters all over the country!  I am thrilled with the training I receive, the team that truly is close to my heart, and the growth of my personal business.  You really have nothing to lose :) 

--- Elizabeth Mindemann, Director 

Want to know more?  Check out the answers to commonly asked questions or contact me today I'm happy to help!  


Elizabeth Mindemann
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