Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Storyteller E-class

   I like to document my every day life but nothing brings the joy and excitement like the holidays :)  I signed up for a free e-class from Simple Scrapper called Holiday Storyteller.  
The name struck a chord with me since that is why I scrapbook - to tell stories.  

The first two prompts were:
Friday - 11/29/2013 - Holiday Card story

Two years ago I wanted a photo like this one for our Christmas cards.  Every year we go away with my extended family for vacation around Christmas and my sister, who is an excellent photographer, takes our family photos.  I had to laugh when I read this prompt because while the photo above looks like everyone is having fun . . . 

Just before my middle son was screaming and crying because I hung him upside down.  Photos rarely go the way we want them to and I was reminded of the need to just cherish my kids and my memories instead of trying to get the perfect family photo.  
This year I had Michelle draw a picture of our family instead - so much easier!  LOL

I love this because it incorporates our daughter's favorite blanket, it looks like we are making a tent (one of our favorite family activities and reminds me of the song "His Banner Over Me is Love".  

So this is the photo we will use for our Christmas cards and I'm still in the process of finishing them up on Studio J but here is what they look like in progress 

All I need to do it have them printed and I'll cut them and they are ready to go :)  

The second prompt was for today: 

Capture moments that reflect the season. Give back to those around you. Consider creating a random acts of kindness jar or advent chain featuring small actions your family can take inside and outside of your home.  Every year we make up boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We also participate in Angel Tree ministries and our children pick a family they want to show a kindness to.  We help with handing out meals and give to the local food bank.  We visit the retirement community next door, take cards and sing carols.  We do these things all year long but I love that my kids know praying for and helping people in practical ways is being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Now I just need to document it.    


Elizabeth Mindemann
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  1. Adorable idea. Lover your added touches to the drawing. Also love the wash away your cares card for that adorable soap gift.


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