Friday, March 30, 2012

Share A Smile (Day14)

So yesterday, my kids and I went on a Smile Hunt (thanks for the idea Deb!) and we had a ton of fun.  Here is what we found

We looked all around the house and found

A Lego Smiley

Can you see this smiley?

Play set smiley

Even bird poop makes a smiley when you add the red twig dogwood branch's shadow :)

Our back Deck Smiley

The boys made this lazer gun smiley
 And then they wanted to draw their own smileys so they got busy with paper and pen.  It was a lot of fun and I was really happy with how excited they got at finding (and making) smileys!  They couldn't wait to show their dad!
One more day left to collect smileys of your own and upload them onto Spontaneous Smiley website to help us raise funds for Operation Smile!  I'd love to see your smileys so feel free to link them up in a comment below :)

We have collected 55 smileys so far - not counting the ones shown here :)  Keep up the great work!!

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  1. Sweet! I love it when kids get involved in the smile hunts! Thanks for the link to my post!:) Deb @

  2. Thats a good number of smiles. What a great way to get kids using their imagination.
    Thanks for linking to Kids Co-op

  3. I love the idea of lloking for smiles. What a great positive encouragement and a great cause. Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-op.


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