Creative Club

Six Month On-line Creative Club

Each month choose from any of the featured personally designed scrapbook kits, card kits, or Close To My Heart workshops on the go.  You have six months of kits to choose from starting August 2013 through January 2014.  You must join the Creative Club party when purchasing a workshop on the go in order for it to count towards your monthly commitment.  You must purchase kits for five consecutive months to get the extra club member benefits. 

You may join the club at any time and commitment to five months of $35 purchase (choose from any of my personally designed kits or Close To My Heart workshops on the go).   At the end of your five month commitment you will receive a kit of your choice FREE.  

Club members will also receive:

  • A FREE current Idea Book
  • FREE kit after completing their five month commitment
  • Discounted rates on my personally designed kits
  • Other surprises along the way . . . 

Feature August 2013 Kits (will be available until January 2014):

Baby Cakes Personally Designed Scrapbook Kit

Baby Cakes Card Kit: 


Baby Cakes Workshop on the Go ($30 plus shipping and handling) select photo to purchase and join August Club party:

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